Compensation for Damages / Damage Claims

As well as to individuals, our team of young and energetic lawyers is at disposal to legal entities in extrajudicial and judicial proceedings for damage claims against those responsible:

  • insurance companies,
  • enterprises,
  • public enterprises,
  • local governments and other.


We provide our clients with comprehensive information in the field of information technology (IT sector). Noticeable growth and development of the IT and telecommunications industry continues on a daily basis, and whit it also grow challenges encountered by companies and individuals. Law Office Vuk Vuckovic has extensive experience in working with technology companies and users of IT services. We assist in negotiations such as concluding a contract related to the purchase, maintenance, operation and outsourcing of IT and communication services. Our lawyers have extensive knowledge on issues related to the Internet, such as:

  • e-commerce,
  • digital signatures,
  • privacy,
  • digital services,
  • domain names.

Insurance Law

Representing clients in excersing the right from insurance contract :

  • Casco insurance (hull insurance),
  • property insurance,
  • accident insurance and similar

is our field of expertise where we offer our help to clients.

Company Law

If you need help during:

  • the establishment of companies,
  • drawing up a decision or agreement on the establishment of legal entities,
  • the contract on the transfer of shares in legal entities,
  • as well as all other procedures during the establishment of companies,

Law Office Vuk Vuckovic is the one to help you achieve your goals. Our clients can expect the best possible results when representing in the executive or civil proceedings for debt collection, auditing and planning general acts of legal entities. We study, review, draft and negotiate in a variety of general business operations, such as:

  • supply,
  • production,
  • procurement,
  • distribution,
  • agency,
  • franchise,
  • consulting,
  • services,
  • joint venture and
  • other commercial contracts.

Real Estate

Drawing up a contract for sale of property, carrying out checks related to real estate, registration, enrolment and deletion of pledge are certainly tasks that we feel more than comfortable to do for you.

Employment Law

Providing legal assistance and protection in connection with disputes in the field of employment law, which includes:

  • drafting employment contracts,
  • contracts for sending employees to work abroad and
  • other contracts and annexes thereof,

then representing companies in judicial and extrajudicial disputes related to the right of employees are definitely our fields of expertise in which you can rely on an adequate and efficient service.

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